Diamond Sky's Yellow Labs
Our labs are  the English or Show style with big blocky
heads with sufficient Field and Trial in their lines for
athleticism and length.  Even though many of our pups have
been hunted our primary goal is to provide a good looking,
healthy family pet.
Over 90% of the families who visit our home purchase a
puppy.  The combination of the parents and the country
setting generate a high level of confidence and our track
record speaks for itself.  Come on up and take a look.  You
won't be disappointed

Lori and Ed (530) 274-0709
Puppy Home
These guys are 8 mos old
and live in Roseville
At 8 weeks they're ready to
go home.......
Litters and Expectant Moms

Pictures of the parents and pups are  shown on the
Diamond Sky is a family owned and operated
breeder specializing in yellow labs
We breed for temperament, looks and
orthopedic soundness
All our dogs are AKC  pure breed
We provide a 1 Year Written Health Guarantee
....some more eager than others
The PUPPY PICS page is full of pics sent to us by happy
families over the years and shows what the pups will look
like as they grow up. There are pics of pups from a few
months old to 5 years of age so it will give you a good idea
of what our line looks like.as they mature.  We believe these
pics are like having over a hundred testimonials from happy
Puppy colors range from Traditional Yellow to
White with varying shades inbetween
Traditional yellow